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Thread: Looks good, but...

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    Unhappy Looks good, but...

    Although I'm willing to spend $199 for what seems to be a great and well thought out app, I just can't see spending that much for software that gets locked to one machine. This is a hobby for me for a few years now and I have yet to go even 6 months without major hardware changes. I'm constantly finding bigger power supplies, better mobos, faster CPUs, etc.

    Sad to see others go the way of Microsoftish activation.

    Maybe I'm missing something and theres a mechanisim in place to allow me to continually change my hardware????

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    My bad, I guess I didn't search hard enough first time, but after posting this, I found a thread saying that the HD is the hardware SD ties itself too.

    This may help solve my issue depending on the answer to the following question...

    I set my carpc up with two partitions, C: for OS and most apps, D: for data files (music, videos, etc). I do this because I like to format C: and do clean installs of windows when I make major hardware changes (like mobo) or just when I've installed to much crap and don't want to bother trying to get everything back to a clean like OS. Soooo... If I install SD to D:, format C: and clean install windows, can I get SD working again without losing my activation?

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    From what I gather it is locked to the HD it is installed on. So you can move that HD to a new system and it will work.

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    Yes, you can reinstall and use your old registration code, you can also request a license transfer. Developer (I am Chuck)
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