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    Map Zoom...

    The zoom OUT on the back/browse display is still, well tooo zoomed-in!!

    Can you change the settings to allow zooming farther out to, say the whole continant? So instead of 1000 levels, add 5000 or something like that.

    I've used all kinds of GPS units and they all have this. It's very useful for browsing.


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    Set the zoom level in the navigation preferences.
    And you can zoom out pretty far, but not to the level where you see thw whole continent. Realistically, for navigational purposes, this is useless.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Actually i find a large zoom out feature very usefull. I use it quite a bit on my garmin. Specally when you want to browse the map, or even zoom out to see the whole route.

    Having a larger zoom-out gives us more flexibility. If you guys could at least add the ability to choose how far we can zoom out in preferences, that would be really good.
    Eg Standard (0-1000), extend (0-5000)

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