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With installed, SD has been intermittant in terms of going into Standby/coming out of standby. It has worked for awhile, and then was not working (When powering back on the system, the system was hard booting). To 'resolve' this, I tried closing Streetdeck and then let XP (SP2) go into standby natively when I pressed the power button. I have XP set to go into standby in this event. After I powered back on the system, XP came out of standby properly. I then reloaded SD and now SD will properly go into standby and resume from standby. I'm not sure of the interaction. When SD is running, and set for going to standby when the power button is active does SD put the computer in standby, or simply do some housekeeping and pass control back to the OS to effect standby?

Since XP has several settings for what to do when the power button is pressed, and SD has similar (duplicate) optins, it would be very helpful for users to understand exactly what SD is doing relative to the OS for the standby/hibernation sequences. For instance, if desiring standby or hibernation modes, do you have to set both SD AND XP (in the power control screen) for the same mode? or does SD purely superced XP? Or is there some combination of settings that are not allowed? A sticky FAQ on this subject, or better illumination in the manual would be appreciated.
I have the same issue as well. After successfully going INTO stand-by, the OS will resume from stand-by 2 out of 3 times just fine. The other times, the computer will hard-boot versus resuming from stand-by. Slowjam, what mobo/psu are you using? I have the iBase MB896F and Opus 120.

Also, I agree with your second point. What exactly is the relationship between the SD/WinXP shut-down sequences (stand-by, hibernate, shut-down)? It seems redundant?