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Thread: Power down idea ?

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    Power down idea ?

    Not sure where to put this...

    Im just starting the "layout/build" of my car pc ( 1997 Jetta TDI ) Im running a 8305 netvista with a gig of ram and 80 gig drive. Im powering it with AC/DC Converter. It powers up when i turn the car on... this is works perfect! But for shut down... not so hot ! If I dont power down the PC by going Start shut down thru XP, it will be a hard shut down. I was wondering if streetdeck was going to add a short cut thru the GUI. Just like a small button in the corner for a power down... It would be very handy ! I searched and didnt come up with anything. Once again, Im not sure this is in the right place.

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    That functionality already exists....

    Moved to the StreetDeck forum.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Yup...lower right corner...

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