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Thread: Playing MP4 on streetdeck

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    so how do u get it from not showing thumbnails in streekdeck. I have over 4000 videos and i think its just trying to load it all in. I just want the names of the videos and not the thumbnails. Any help would be appreciated. I try associating mp4 to WM10. WM10 plays it fine if i click on the file one by one but it will not load the library. Anyother way to make WM10 plays mp4 by default and load the librarys. I think that will fix my issue if I can get that to work.

    "take all videos out of folder. see if SD works. Drop a few videos in at a time. see if they work. When you get the super broken video(s), send them to me and i'll take a look. i can give you email via pm."

    I added one video to my folder and SD still crash. RR plays it perfectly. Not SD

    Only thing I really like about the software is that the Navigation. As far as the rest goes the locking of the module when it feel the car is moving is great. Beside that all the other function needs alot more work on. Especially the MultiMon.

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    SD's media library does need a lot of work, that my personal opinion. There are few things that I don't like about it, but its only like I said personal preference.

    One of the things is that if you have over 10000 tracks, when you do select by gender it take a long time to browse 10000 to bring up all hip-hop tracks for example...

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