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Thread: New installs of Streetdeck CRASHING- Blue Screen of Death

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    Quote Originally Posted by tn6478 View Post
    Streetdeck is good but god it slow on the load. And the GPS function need alot of help with navi to the right location but all these has been mention.
    From a cold boot, StreetDeck loads in under 5 seconds on a VIA M10K which is the slowest platform we officially support. Are you using any command line parameters?

    If your GPS signal isn't good, your accuracy will go down quite a bit. At worst though you shouldn't be more then a few meters off your actual location. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zip-Lock View Post
    Do you have all of the dependencies?

    From the FAQ: StreetDeck Software Dependancies (Download Links)

    directx9 and WMP10 won't install unless SP2 is installed
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