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Thread: BUG: Using backspace while naming a Favorite...

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    BUG: Using backspace while naming a Favorite...


    Situation: Want to name a favorite, not by it's address. When inputting name, you have to delete the address that is prefilled in the name field (unless you want to name it that). It's pain staking to hit the backspace key once for each letter.

    Problem: If you hold down the backspace key which will accelerate the deletion of the existing characters and don't let off EXACTLY at the right time, after all characters are deleted SD will interpret 'backspace' as 'back' and will take you to previous screens negating the work you just did.

    Desired functionality: Hold down backspace so it deletes the name field quickly, but do not start to cycle through previous screens. i.e. you should be able to hold the backspace key down forever, and the cursor would remain at the beginning of the name field.

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    Just use the clear button and it will clear the entire contents of the the edit box. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    leave it to me to miss the obvious ;-) thanks.

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