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Thread: SD acting weird...

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    SD acting weird...

    Hey, I'm interested in trying out Street Deck, so I went ahead and installed the demo in my carputer... the first time I tried running it, it opened... but the text was all weird. I closed it, but when I reopened it, it said that the 30 day trial was up... wtf?

    If I uninstall and reinstall it still dosn't let me try it out, is there any way to try this program out still? Or am I totally screwed until I reinstall windows?

    2006 Mazda 3
    Behringer DCX-2496
    JL300/4 Focal 6W4311B Focal TN52
    JL500/1 JL10w6v2

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    Developer mode will function, and show most of the features...

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