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Thread: Interested in SD for '97 Toyota Avalon

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    Question Interested in SD for '97 Toyota Avalon

    hey all!

    i've been interested in getting streetdeck installed into my 1997 toyota avalon for quite some time now. the only problem is... i have no idea how to go about doing that!

    i've been reading the forums and it seems like everyone is speaking a totally different language. i just need to know what i need to get the thing installed into my car. would any aftermarket in-dash touchscreen unit work (i have a panasonic CQVD6503U)?

    i also have a sub that knocks pretty hard (15" kicker L7 sub), would this damage the computer being mounted in the trunk?

    let me know what you guys think! thanks!

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    No, only USB or some touchscreen made specifically for a PC woudl work. Developer (I am Chuck)
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