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Thread: dvd+navi plugin?

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    dvd+navi plugin?

    ok so i called support and i told them my story:

    "im setting up a carpc in an RV in the passanger section, no where near visible to the driver. it is for my fiance to have something to watch while she can read me navigation instructions and play music in one clean easy to use device. i choose streetdeck because it is easy enough for her to use, is there a way i could get navigation and video to work w/o it being disabled because i am moving?"

    he (mp3car support guy) responded with telling me that there are developers on the forums and there maybe a plugin available.

    so i asked "am i allowed to ask such thing in the forums?"

    he said yes, we support other front end software that allows you to do this, i dont see an issue with asking this question about ours.

    so with that, is there a current work around that i could have my fiance glance at navigation when needed and then watch a movie, back and forth? if you need to pm me about this then please do so. thanks

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    Well the easy way is to enter "-testmode" in the comand line for the icon.

    as for anyother way, well right now there isnt.
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