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Thread: Weather and SD and EVDO wi-fi questions

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    Weather and SD and EVDO wi-fi questions

    I see XMradio and sirus radio can transmit local weather service maps I think I even saw a post about using them in SD but I don't have a EVDO phone My SD is still in my home in the testing phase (I purchased it here second hand so forgive me if I ask stupid questions) I live in portland Or area you can't swing a dead cat with out hitting a place with a free wi-fi here I walked to the local Pizza place with my Dell Axim and found as many as 11 hot spots in 3 blocks so here are my questions.

    Do I have to get Xm or Sirus radio to use weather maps? can't I download them via the internet or have SD download them?

    do I have to use a EVDO phone of these new fun features I want?

    Blue tooth I see a bluetooth button in SD its powered by Parrot but seeing I wasn't purchaser of record on this Street Deck Trunk mount bundle I am not sure what is inside the box I don't see anything under control panel, system hard ware device mananger that looks like bluetooth do I have it?

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    Weather requires an active internet connection. You have to install and install Weather DigitalMod to use it.

    The bluetooth hardware is still in development and not yet available. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    Cool my mistake the weather is only on Xmradio

    Live radar photos are cool wonder if they can be superimposed over the GPS/NAV screen.


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