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Thread: Nits and bits for a Streetdeck fix.

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    Nits and bits for a Streetdeck fix.

    Okay there are in no way bugs just nits. I have my streetdesk and touch screen hooked up in my living room testing it I have found a few issues.

    It might be my limited exps with SD or maybe I am insane but here goes.

    Search for a song play song (works great and nice and fast even with over 18k of mp3's) song half way done do a shutdown song doesn't resume it starts playing off the last playlist not off the song I was just listing too.

    DVD playback Nice and smooth no jitters or flutter but I only get 1/3 of a screen anyway to make it fill he screen other them switching SD? I run in 16x9 mode now at 800x600@70 (I get the whole image but it only fills 1/3 of my screen)

    NaV, It is in shaded of gray for some reason? might be because I can't get a sat lock in my home will know more after I get it in the car.

    One more thing, how about a auto-dim of the display at night time?

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    I can help you with the shaded gray problem. While trying out gestures, I did a U-shape. That puts navigation into "night mode", but if you aren't on the navigation screen it isn't real obvious that anything changed. Drove me nuts for a couple of weeks until I happened to find the answer here. Just draw another U-shape on the screen to toggle it back to day mode. (Which I still find hard to see, myself.)
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