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Thread: Streetdeck shown at Intel conference

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    Its on Anandtech's summary as well

    P.S. They misspelled Volkswagen

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    I loved the concept of streaming different video to different screens on the headrest. Now is this already part of SD or will it be. This video just made me want SD real bad. i know SD will be part of my car pc in the near future.

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    wow, I have been holding out on SD for awhile but after watching the Scion xB coverage and now this, I must buy me a copy!

    2 different videos streamed to different this feature available right now with the current SD?
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    It should be tomorrow!!!

    5.5 should come out in a matter of hours, im so counting this one down!

    wow i just realized that i am a N E R D, lol
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    CHUCK!!!!... You are holding out on us man! LOL

    That streetdeck looks bada$$! I am really glad that I bought SD and I am happy with the interface. I cant wait to see what this program is going to be like in one year.

    Hopefully we will get Sirius interface for this thing in the next release after 5.5.

    Good work Chuck!!
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    Nice same car but mines black. No offense screen looks MUCH better. Looking forward to that release of SD.
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    Congrats Chuck et al.

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    1 link (Tomshardware)

    And you won't see Volkswagen mispelled here because we are run by Germans!

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