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Thread: Delorme Navigation

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    Angry Delorme Navigation

    OK I've spent hours reading threads about GPS. I still can't get my Delorme Earthmate to sync up with streetdeck. I checked out the hardware and it shows that it is plugged into an usb port. When I look under properties it doesn't show a com port but does say that it is NMEA. On top of that when I go into streetdeck to set it up, it doesn't allow me to pick a com port. The GPS does work with streets. What do I need to do???

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    If your com port doesn't show up in streetdeck you should run with the -allcomm command line parameter. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    I tried that and it doesn't show it. I'm wondering if I have to get and adapter to go from usb to serial...

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    It worked! Thanks hanzacra.

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