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Thread: StreetDeck BETA release

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    Quote Originally Posted by polo6979 View Post
    Now when you are browsing to different artist it automatically plays a song in that "folder" for that artist instead of continuing to play the current song that is being played.
    That totally should be a option not a fix. Sometimes you might want to have it play that way and sometimes you don't etheir a option in settings or find a way to do it right there. QUE or PLAY NOW something like that but you have a good point there.
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    I save most of my dvds in the harddrive, It would be nice if streetdeck to have an option to play "dvd files from local drive" like some other dvd software have.

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    15 problems

    Just formatted my comp. Installed SD and updated it to Now it says demo has expired?! Any ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by roedkaelk View Post
    Just formatted my comp. Installed SD and updated it to Now it says demo has expired?! Any ideas?
    Me too... I have never had any luck with the demo.

    I am using Vista and I cant get the Developer tool to work either
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    I noticed the SD trial expires after most windows updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalt View Post
    I noticed the SD trial expires after most windows updates.
    Not even an update, just a reboot here..

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    Quote Originally Posted by polo6979 View Post
    The "Add play all folders command to music directory browsing" feature however is not quite the resolution I think we are looking for. It is better but still a little aggravating.
    It was exactly what I was looking for. Ask and tho shall receive. Thanks chuck keep up the good work.
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    Hey Chuck, any fix on the demo expiration quandry?
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