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Thread: BUG? - Nav issues after suspend / hibernate

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    BUG? - Nav issues after suspend / hibernate

    Hi All, but was present in prior builds also.

    After resuming from suspend (or previously hibernate) the Nav module reports 'low gps signal'. The funny thing is, if i go to the gps status digimod, it'll report 4 satellites (count last time i checked). Going to other modules and back to nav does nothing. If I then exit SD and reopen and go into Nav module - - it works. So, it would seem it's clearly an issue with the Nav module and it's non-reinitialization upon resume.

    Anyone having the same issue? Thoughts / experiences ?


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    Yes I have noticed that sometimes the GPS is "stuck" reporting low signal when it actually is "ok" (as a quick restart of SD will get it working). In particular if I start the car in a parking garage where the GPS can't get a signal, then a minute later drive outside - it will sometimes never get the signal back unless I stop SD and restart it (a complete reboot of the PC will work too).

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    Is there a fix for that problem now? After i got my hardware ( T3 ) working very well finally, I am running into same problem when the system starts up after Standby OR Hibernate (no problems after restert):

    SD comes up with "Failed to open COM1 for GPS device. System can not find the file specified 00000002"
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    maybe power related?
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