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Thread: Is streetdeck worth the $?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JT555 View Post

    I have used several free front ends. Liked and disliked parts of each. I got tired of having a half-complete feel to my pc and was ready to spend money to be finished. I was going to buy a nav package anyway. I would rather spend my tinkering time using the SD dev environment than trying to reskin a free front end (I suck at graphics).
    That's my point: "Free" front end actually means a free front end + config time + nav package, etc.

    And Toaster, I really should disclose that I am a person much like short, a tinkerer. I've been working on making a screen with an upgraded backlight for about 6 months now...would of course have been MUCH easier just to save up and buy the transflective screen, but it really bothers me that the fundemental problem with daylight visibility has a remarkable simple answer: more light, and lots of it. Implementation, of course, is always the difficult part.

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    good luck with your screen project. I just saw the worklog, nice.
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    Sorry Toaster if I misunderstood your tone.

    Everybody likes to tinker in defferent ways. IMO SD's dev environment is the best way to add functionality to your carpc. That's where I'll spend my time.

    Besides, I have two XM hardware hack projects going on. If the frontend is done then i can get going on the XM stuff.

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    Worth a whole lot more than the asking price. Period.

    In a car, it's all about the GUI tied to functionality. I think it's the best thing since microwave ovens and I haven't even tried all the features yet (like Podcasts etc). Of course, there are so many damn features, it takes a while (and I've been using SD for a year and a half - well before it was posted on mp3car).

    But there's a demo - if you don't feel it's the best GUI out there for this type of device, well, ok then!

    Toaster > some of us don't have the time to reinvent the wheel - that doesn't mean we're taking shortcuts or making compromises. In fact, I think the opposite is true. You could try to make your own or build onto a freeware project, but I could just about guarantee you it won't end up being 1/2 as slick and functional. Of course, you might be a wiz and actually put together something you like better, but how much time would you have spent? And time is money for me (maybe your situation is different).

    By the way, have you looked at the API that SD puts out - it's robust! A programmer's paradise to build upon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcdash View Post
    And time is money for me (maybe your situation is different).
    Ay, there's the rub.

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