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Thread: StreetDeck online manual

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    StreetDeck online manual

    A newer version of the manual is available online ( It is still not completely caught up with all of the new features being added into StreetDeck, but certainly much more current than what was posted previously.

    Please provide feedback on the manual in this thread or via PM to StreetDOC.

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    Towards the end of the document, it mentions steps to reinstall the bluetooth dongle, if Windows or some other Bluetooth stack installs its driver instead. (Page 38, step 10)

    If another driver is installed for the dongle,
    you will need to update the driver to the StreetDeck Bluetooth driver,
    right click on the device and choose Update Driver, then follow the
    instructions in Appendix B to update the driver.

    Appendix B seems to be only command-line Parameters. Also, there doesn't seem to be an Appendix A.

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