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Thread: Is there an official thread for reporting SD bugs?

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    Is there an official thread for reporting SD bugs?

    I found two. I can't get SD to record XM radio. It records, but when you then go into RECORDED, it errors out.

    In SEARCH LOCAL MUSIC, under PLAYLISTS, it shows "3 of 2". I actually have 2 so it should say like "1 of 2" or "2 of 2".

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    post em right here. that whats its for
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    Similar problem.. when I hit record it says "Recording Started" and seems fine. But when I hit "Recorded XM" (or "Clear Recorded XM" from the Settings->Satellite Radio menu) it says "Error retrieving selected playlist" and that's it. No other details or options, just an OK button and no recorded XM

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    Quote Originally Posted by sciontC View Post
    post em right here. that whats its for
    Um, actually, it's NOT here.

    There is an official bug forum...there's a link to it at the top of the main SD forum page.

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