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Thread: Problems going from XM to Music

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    Problems going from XM to Music

    Kindof a slight annoyance here...

    When I am listening to music with SD, and switch to XM, all is well. When I switch back to music, I get no sound. I have deduced the problem being SD mutes my wave output when I switch to XM, but it does not unmute when I switch beck. So, I need to shut down SD (which requires stopping the car), then unmute the wave volume in winXP, then reopen SD to listen to my music again. Does anyone have a workaround? My commute includes about 15minutes worth of road that I cannot recieve XM.

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    Same with Yahoo! Launcast Radio to Music

    How do we get Music Volume to function??? Yahoo! Music Player launches when I start StreetDeck since the update, so Music volume no longer works at all.

    The SD system indicates that the volume is turned up, but it is as if it is muted.

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    Hey finally someone noticed I have posted a very similar if not identical problem.... Have yet to hear from anyone for a fix... I guess no one here listens to XM and then switches back to, or tries to then listen to their MP3s....

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    same problem here.. at first I though the media player just completely broke... since I had been listening to xm so much after installing it..

    Atleast I'm able to pop out of the program and back in or even reboot while driving.
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    Is your line input set properly in XM radio settings? If you set the line to wav, you woudl see this problem. You should set it to the Line Input of your sound card or disable the volume control for XM if you don't use it. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    What you suggested... HAS WORKED!!!! Streetdeck now works as it had before the Update.... I guess my question now is why did I have to change a setting within Satellite Radio, when only a update to the newer version was performed??????

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