I recently purchase a copy of StreetDeck in order to test it's functionality against a project I am working on. My current setup is as follows:

1. OS: Windows XP Pro SP2

2. MB: Via Epia M10000

3. RAM: 256MB

4. HD: Hitachi 40GB

I installed the StreetDeck demo before I purchase the software. I was very impressed with the speed the software loads up but expired before I received my full working version over the mail. I got the software, received the serial number and install it. It took a while to load but it finally load up. Then, the help, settings, and volume buttons were shown gray with no icons in it. The system was not as fast as the demo. I noticed that I needed Media Player 10 (the StreetDeck install process did not install it) so I downloaded MP 11. After indexing my music collection , some of the .m4a files are not recognizable by StreetDeck! I decided to load SD in Low Performance Mode and it loaded quicker and all the control buttons showed their icons. Then, the sound went off. I fired up WP 11 and sound came out fine. I log out of SD and it gave me an error windows:

"StreetDeck has Encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry fro the inconvenience."

I hit o.k. and another window opened:

Error. File corrupted"

I fired up SD once again and it came up with a white background but the problems specified above. Log out of it, and got the same error messages. The version of SD loaded is (the one on the DVD). I remove the software (add/remove programs), reboot, and re-install. Install teh latest upgrade ( and the software ot a lot slower! Got the same problems specified above. The Via EPIA M10000 has all the drivers needed and was working fine with other front ends. Any clues as of what should I look for to fix this situation? Thanks.