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Thread: Is Hibernation button the same as hibernation event?

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    Is Hibernation button the same as hibernation event?

    When I arrive at my destination I can press the power button in SD, select Hibernate and the CarPC hibernates as expected. When I resume everything works as expected.

    However if I turn the ignition off without specifying Hibernate in SD, the M2-ATX sends the Hibernate event to Windows which SD seems to capture and it appears that the hibernation is routine. However when I resume from this method of hibernation my Bluetooth driver fails to load (so no GPS is available in SD) and SD has lost its place in the playlist. In other words the list of songs I was listening to is still listed in SD but I have to start the playback manually.

    I was thinking the MS-ATX may be killing power to the motherboard before the OS has gracefully hibernated but it doesn't *appear* to be the case. I see the hibernation screens from SD and Windows as expected in both cases.

    Has anyone seen this behaviour or have any suggestions?

    The CarPC:
    - WindowsXP Home (with Hibernation enabled)
    - Epia SP13000 mobo
    - M2-ATX power supply (set for 30 delayed off with 2 hour hard off)

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    Check the forums on the use of devcon(Free MS utility). Some usb devices are temperamental with hibernate/standby. Using devcon in a batch file with Streetdecks built-in startup/shutdown/sleep folders(see forums also). You can force a device to be disabled and re-anabled during the hibernation shutdown/resume. I am using this with my U132 pc card reader and verizon data card.
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