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Thread: Controlling Streedeck via keyboard???

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    Controlling Streedeck via keyboard???

    I have a unique problem with my Xenard 1040 and Streetdeck... Anyways the Xenarc's touchscreen has gone ballistic, meaning I can't control any of the functions of Streetdeck with it. When I touch the screen, another part of the screen tries to actuate but does not!!! I know someone will say that I need to calibrate... That's where the problem begins... when I go to the Task Manager to shutdown Streetdeck, because Streetdeck has been told to power down the system, it does and the system shuts off... and I never can get to the Xenarc calibrate program....How can I control Streetdeck from the keyboard, ie: select Music, Navigation, XM, Settings, etc.... I need to change the way Streetdeck closes... How???? Please help....

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    Use the arrow keys and enter to navigate to the settings button on the second home module. Developer (I am Chuck)
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