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Thread: Crashes on Search

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    Crashes on Search

    1. Go to Music Module
    2. Click on Search, and type an artist
    3. Select an Artist from the result set.
    Result: SD Crashes most the time.

    If it doesn't crash, you should get a list of songs categorized under that artist. Notice that "Select by Artist" and "Select Album" are not clickable (grayed out), as expected, since you obviously selected an Artist from the result set. SD knows this, so grays out that option.

    Now click on a song in that list.
    Result: Crashes sometimes.

    If it doesn't crash, notice after the song starts playing, that the "Select Artist" and "Select Album" are now clickable.
    Expected: These buttons should not be clickable, since i'm still in the result set with all songs categorized under the Artist. It's redundant to have that button, so it should be grayed out.

    Click on "Select Artist" (though i think it should still be grayed out at this point).
    Result: Crashes 4 out of 5 times.

    This is just a couple bugs out of about 10+ so far, but i'd rather separate them in separate threads so comments don't get munged together under many bugs.

    Dude... this is one of the most unstable pieces of software i've ever used. I wouldn't even say it's Beta quality.

    I have I believe i didn't have these Search crashes in earlier versions of SD. Umm.... did i upgrade or downgrade?

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    can you post the log file that's in your documents folder?
    Jan Bennett
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