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Thread: StreetDeck GPS navigation comparison

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    StreetDeck GPS navigation comparison

    I'm currently using Mapopolis and I find it to be just fine. But I'm looking to replace the PocketPC and I have a TabletPC that I might as well put in the car.

    I've downloaded the demo version of StreetDeck that does not have navigation and its ergonomics will be a deal-breaker for me if I don't know what it's like in my city (Toronto.) I'm more concerned with ergonomics to look at the surrounding area that I'm driving in and if it can automatically connect on launch to my BT GPS like Mapopolis.

    I realize SD uses MapPoint 2006 data, which is great since I have Streets & Trips 2007. But how similar are StreetDeck and Microsoft in terms of the user interface, map colour (and customization for day/night!) and ergonomics?

    I'm not too happy with the quirks of Streets & Trips 2007 as a "moving map." iGuidance is great, but doesn't automatically centre back to the GPS position after moving the map around manually like Mapopolis. I don't want to have a keyboard connected all the time.

    Originally I was looking at comparing Streets & Trips 2007 (which I have already) to iGuidance v3 (which I'm demoing right now,) and then as I was looking for wrappers for it for better ergonomics, I ran into StreetDeck... if it can interface with iTunes it would be perfect apart from navigation which I haven't been able to test yet.

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    The user interface is a real no-brainer.
    Also remember that the streetdeck interface can be customize to look the way you want.
    There is a day mode/night mode for the map.
    Navigation on the map is very simple. There's a map mode and a GPS mode, and switching between teh two is a painless affair.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I love the StreetDeck interface. That I'm sold on. The manual and install/support have a long way to go but a good start. It's very difficult to find any specific information about StreetDeck even on the website, granted they probably expect anyone who inquires about StreetDeck knows about it already and is fairly proficent especially if they've built their CarPC.

    Does SD have a "road-lock" feature for GPS like Mapopolis? That is, the software bases its display on an averaging of GPS data so you don't fly all over the road (and off-road) in areas of low GPS coverage. This is especially valuable (and Mapopolis works very well!) in urban canyons. Compare that to say, iGuidance where I skip all over even onto parallel roads.

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