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Thread: DTS Music OK in WMP, too fast in StreetDeck

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    DTS Music OK in WMP, too fast in StreetDeck

    I'm trying to make sure StreetDeck will work for me to play back files from DTS encoded CDs.

    By looking at various forums I've got somthing that sort of works, ffdshow decodes the DTS and resamples it at 48Khz and sends it out the SPDIF as AC3.

    This is working with windows media player 11, but when I run the streetdeck demo some songs (randomly) play too fast. The tempo is speeded up and they are glitchy. This happens very consistanly in StreetDeck and never in WMP.

    I am using a TurtleBeach USB Amigo sound card and windows XP pro SP2.

    I'm willing to get another sound card if someone has this working.


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    Does it happen if you play them in WMP while streetdeck is running?

    If you disable the spectrum analyzer in music settings does it fix the problem? Developer (I am Chuck)
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    DTS audio is OK in Windows Media Player even when street deck is running.

    Yes, turning off the spectrum analyzer (which seemed to be inactive during dts playback, as are visualizations) stopped the speed up!

    I did get into a mode where DTS audio was "choppy", but playing an mp3 file seemed to get me back into a good state where DTS would play correctly.

    Hope this helps make it more stable!


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