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Thread: navigation zooming

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    navigation zooming

    I think zooming in and out in the navigation module should be directly linked to the speed reading on the GPS. For instance, when you're driving fast you obviously would like to see more of the road ahead, and when driving slow a nice close-up is desired. I find it cumbersome to zoom and pay attention to the road at the same time and think this can be easily automated. Maybe it already is... but my Streetdeck is a few versions behind. I plan to bring the machine in for updates and work a little bit with the development kit. Comments?

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    From Chuck directly:

    The zoom in navigation is set to one of two zoom levels based on your speed and distance to the next direction. If you change the zoom when this is set, then it will stay at that zoom level until you exit navigation and come back. If you want to disable dynamic zooming, change the option in navigation settings for Default Zoom to a specific zoom level from Dynamic and set the option for setting the zoom when nearing a turn never.

    Hope that helps.
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    Hm, maybe I'll try that. But from the sounds of it it there's only 2 automated zoom levels, and only when you're receiving directions? I would like to have it on or off, regardless of navigating a route or not.

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    There are only 2 automated zoom levels, but they will be used based on your speed too. If you are slow it will be zoomed in more then if you are going fast. Developer (I am Chuck)
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