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Thread: StreetDeck Limited Edition Released for $119.00

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    Ok, it sounds like, that my preferd way to purchase SD is no option for you.

    If we assume I can't wait and buy the lite version + Mappoint.
    Will all future improvements of SD concerning navigation, e.g. unicode, km/h and others work with this?

    Is there really no possible way of buy the lite version and update then to the full version?
    What about updating to the next main version of SD with new maps, do I have to buy Mappoint 2008 then?
    I know this scenarios aren't comletely defined yet, but I have to think about it when I purchase SD.

    For the customer the easiest and cheapest way to get SD would be:

    -To buy now the full european version and live in the meantime with the lite.
    - To buy the lite and upgrade then to the full (which can be a little more costly than the full version).

    Why don't you offer this to your customers ??? It will only bring you benefits !


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    I cannot answer your question concerning if future updates should work as I'm not a developer.

    However, your statement that:

    To buy now the full european version and live in the meantime with the lite.
    This doesn't make sense? Perhaps you ment to buy the lite version for now then buy the european version later?

    Currently there is not upgrade path from the lite version to the full version.

    I'm not sure what you are saying we don't offer? The upgrade from the lite to the full? If that's the case, we don't offer it now because the lite version has only been out a month, tops. The upgrade bundle hasn't been developed yet. Things like that take time and not that much time has passed since it's been made avaliable.

    If you're talking about the European version not being avaliable's being worked on.

    I'm not sure I understand!?
    Jan Bennett
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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    My problem is that I now want to use SD, but also want to have the full european version when it's out! It would not be the big issue for me to don't have navigation the next months.

    The only 2 ways to get this solved for me would be:

    - I can purchase the lite version now, and be sure to have the possibility to upgrade to the full version, when it's out.

    - When you offer now the european version (for me) with delivery when it's out (maybe few months). And I register the lite version in the meantime. Then you send me the european dvd and I can use it with the same registration code. I don't know if it's possible with the program code or with the registration lite/european/american.

    The second option is very curious , but please give me some feedback.



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