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Thread: some mp3's are just too loud

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    some mp3's are just too loud

    i have a problem with the loudness of certain mp3's and wma's. they are just too loud on the loudspeakers. especially if you hear it with high volume in your car you get a lot of noise and distortion. it is definitely not the soundsystem - playing "normal" audio cs give nice and perfect sound quality.

    i know the problem is not with SD or Media Player, it is the "loudness war" going on in the audio industry.

    a workaround is to tag albums with replay gain tag information (leveling the volume without actually changing the file). winamp (or foobar2000 which is even a better player) is picking up this information and plays a "normalized" loudness. all cracks and bbrm gone.

    how can this be done with Windows Media Player?

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    i use this program :
    it will set the gain of the mp3 without re encoding them like other apps do and only takes a few seconds per song. and its totally reversible.
    it has the option to do an album gain also, so it scans all the songs from the same CD and adjusts them accordingly so the softer ones stay softer and the louder louder.

    the default peak setting in the app is 89 but i think this is far to low. most mp3's i get are ether 95, 98 or 100.
    i have mine set to 95 but this is just a matter of preference..
    hope this helps

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    great news. thx a lot my friend.

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