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Thread: connecting sd to headunit

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    Question connecting sd to headunit

    I'm looking for a way to connect my head unit (blaupunt rdc500) to sd. I know about a interface Car2pc. but i think this will only play music in playlists. I don't think that e.g. sd would be able to interrupt to normal radio or cd-player to announce messages from the navigation.

    Is there a way to make this happen??? So connect sd to a head unit in a way that sd can interupt for messages and play music controlled from sd?

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    You're thinking on the right lines.
    SD is loaded on a computer, first of all. So any audio that is output from the computer (nav directions, music playback, DVD playback, etc.) would go from the computer's audio out through the Car2PC and into your headunit.

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    I was not verry clear

    Sorry, my post was confusing. (I usably speak dutch, not English)

    I have a carputer and sd and a car and I'm looking for a way to output the sound of the carputer (speech in navigation, music) though my headunit (rdc500 blaupunkt). Some kind of interface.

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    if your HU has aux in, then just use it. Line out of the PC into the Aux-in on the hu.

    I'm not sure how to do the auto switching though. I'm not sure if that HU will autoswitch when it senses something on the aux-in line...and even then, I'm not sure if windows will just send a signal ONLY when a voice comes on navigation or if it is always sending a singal.
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    Looks like his head unit is a factory head unit that comes in some European Volkswagons (no Aux-in from the factory). Try Logjam Electronics for Aux-input adapters for factory radios. I've used them before with good results. You may be able to find European retailers for the same products.

    Perhaps this blaupunkt adapter might work also.

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