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Thread: Cross Fading?

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    Cross Fading?


    I have got Streetdeck running almost perfectly now, but there is just one thing left nagging me to get working.

    Cross Fading... does this work for you guys? I have turned it on in Media Player 10.. and it works in that fine. I have set the Cross Fading option in Street Deck to 10 Seconds but it doesn't want to cross fade at all. It starts the song when the last one has finished, as though crossfading isn't even set.

    One thing I did notice when cross fading was set to 10 seconds.. about 10 seconds before the track ends, all the bars on the graphic equalizer set to 0.. and there is sometimes, a long pause (hang?) when it reaches the end of the song before the start of the next song... So it seems like it is trying to do something??

    This is running on a laptop with on board Realtek High Definition Audio.

    Any tips to get this working?

    Cheers for any help. I tried searching but cant find much on Cross Fading...


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    This might have been something that fell through the cracks.

    I'll forward this onto our QA team.
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    Could there also be blank space at the beginning of the file?
    Have you tried less cross fading with similar results?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Nope, no blank space. Have tried with several files, all the same results.

    Have tried changing it down to 5 seconds, 2 seconds etc.. all it seems to do is change the time the Graphic Equilizer drops to 0.. e.g. 10 seconds crossfading the graphic equilizer will drop to 0 10 seconds before end of song. 5 seconds crossfading the graphic equilizer will drop to zero 5 seconds before the end of song etc etc.

    Like I say, works fine with the mp3s in Media Player itself. Weird.

    Tried updating sound driver to latest which didn't make any difference

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    If it helps I have made a short FRAPS Video of the problem.

    This is with cross fading set to 10 seconds. Notice the Equilizer drop and the hang at song change.. and also no crossfading.

    If I disable crossfading, the equilizer doesn't drop until the song finishes, and there is no hang when switching songs.

    It is here, (30mb)

    This is on my home computers demo version, but it does exactly the same thing on my carputer's registered version. Both have the OnBoard Realtek High Def Soundcard.



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    based on this thread, i tried it out works in WMP, not in SD.

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    im having the same problem but i was too lazy to post it...thanks ace.

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    Glad to see its not just me...

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    I have a similar "hang" while songs change...bascially the system becomes completely unresponsive for 2-3 seconds. I never thought about any correlation with the crossfade though, so I'll turn that off and see if it makes any difference.

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