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Thread: MapPoint North America can't run because it is not registered on your system

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    Another three hours of my life gone... I tried to do the uninstall, remove all references to streetdeck and mappoint then install again. No go. I can't roll back because there is no data beyond the last major service pack upgrade.

    What version of the SD install disc are people using that also have this problem? Could a fresh install disk overcome this issue?
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    Unfortunatly this is a mappoint issue that is beyond our control. You have to do a clean install of windows or revert back to a point before any MS streets and trips product was installed. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    reinstalled windows and reinstalled SD and navi and now it works great. but it stinks theres no way around this...

    thanks for the help though G O C.

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    Yeah, I had a huge issue with MapPoint a month or two ago; it crashed and absolutely would not, could not run, no matter what I did. I'd get fatal exception errors and all kinds of craziness.

    Trying to roll back to an earlier system restore point didn't work either, even though my system was / is relatively clean.

    I wound up uninstalling SD AND Mappoint, then deleting the program folders, the data folders in my user profile, and then manually going through the registry and deleting each and every key that had to do with either MapPoint or Streetdeck.

    Then I reinstalled and reapplied the patch (and subsequently That did the trick.

    Total time was about an hour, which was surprising to me. I probably spent 8+ hours attempting to avoid doing that unpleasant chore. But lesson learned, and I also set a system restore point when the system was clean (although I haven't had an occasion to test it, knock on wood).

    You know what would be great? If SD could create a mini image of itself in "last known good working condition" in an empty partition, kind of like how Dell sets aside a system restore partition for XP. Not all files, but registry entries, the config.xml, etc.

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