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Thread: ? and/or feature request: timed stdby->hiber enhancement?

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    ? and/or feature request: timed stdby->hiber enhancement?

    I haven't been able to use standby for my iBase board due to a problem with my OPUS PSU f/w timing out on resume before the board POSTs. I've sent the PSU in for fixed firmware but...

    IIRC - when I was running SD with a VIA M10k and had the shutdown power event set to stdby and an XP power policy for a hibernation timer tick to wake from S3 and hibernate at a later time (couple hours) - SD would still allow the XP power policy/inactivity timer to trigger even if the system was powered up and I was using it on longer drives.

    I would think that the touchscreen driver would reset any lack-of-activity timer expiration but I can't believe that I went a couple hours without touching the screen.

    So finally the question:

    Does SD have a keep-alive that would prevent this while driving? If not, would it be possible to monitor UI inputs, GPS deltas etc. to determine if the system is active and should remain so - and to prevent the timer event from occurring?

    I don't know how to do this from user mode so I'm not sure what I'm asking for in terms of work - and I assume SD isn't able to simply grab and veto power IRPs in the kernel.

    Maybe it was just poor configuration on my part, but I'll retest this with the iBase board assuming I can get it to work...

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    Not sure if this helps, but I have the ibase board and had problems with resuming from standby. I went down to Opus and the guy there reflashed my PSU (OPUS 120) and it resolved my issue.

    BTW, I didn't really try to understand anything after the first paragraph, so this post may be completely irrelevant.
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