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  • I Paid, Own and Use Streetdeck.

    78 69.64%
  • I work for streetdeck and got a copy for free

    1 0.89%
  • I Paid and Own a copy but dont use it anymore.

    10 8.93%
  • I Paid, Own and use streetdeck lite.

    13 11.61%
  • I am a developer and use the Developer edition

    1 0.89%
  • I am a beta tester

    7 6.25%
  • I got a copy for free for being a moderator

    2 1.79%
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Thread: How many people Own and use Streetdeck

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    Quote Originally Posted by daneprocter View Post
    The unit came pre-installed with SD, I have emailed the seller trying to get a copy but with no success. Im new to all of this and wasn't keen on deleting all the information without knowing that I could re-install what I have already. Im from Australia and I haven't found any places that know anything about SD yet!
    I'd try emailing the store and telling them about your situation. IIRC, you should be able to find and provide them with the unique machine and check codes that SD uses as copy protection, assuring them that you have a valid copy, and then perhaps they will be able to provide you with the restore DVD. If not, then you could ask if you could simply reinstall Windows and then download and reinstall a fresh copy of SD. I think that the downloadable version of SD also includes the t3 specific files required for full functionality.

    In any case, the source for info/support about SD is the source, which is, which more or less links to these forums, and itself.

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    Your help is much appreciated! I actually bought the unit last October but there has been a lot of modifying to my Jeep to get the thing to fit!


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