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Thread: I/O - Bundles / Starter Kits

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    I/O - Bundles / Starter Kits

    It may be of interest to some to offer some form of starter kits for I/O packages like the Fusion Brain or Qube, featuring the I/O controller itself, the power adapter, a cable or two, and a sensor or something. And of course, at a bit of a discount buying the package, versus everything separate.

    Just a thought...
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    Good suggestion, thanks

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    i was just thinking this same thing... i know some about computer.. and i am really good with car audio.. it would be nice to have a bundle that had like a monitor that would fit a double din dash.. a computer.. what ever power supply.. and sound card to run rca's to a amp or in my case 2 amps... and what all you need... or at least a list of what it takes to do it... oh i am a newbie seraching for these answears... and looking for these type of packages

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