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Thread: Ford Taurus Wagon Amplifier Argh!

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    Ford Taurus Wagon Amplifier Argh!

    OT: Strictly Analog. This is my first post, so please be kind to an old Hudson collector.

    Last year, a member of this list went through a time of it installing audio accessories in his Taurus which, as many of you know, has the idiot amplifier 17 feet from the dash!

    My question is: I have a '96 Taurus Wagon, and today, I found a very nice unit in a wrecking yard I want to go back and get. It's a '99 Sedan, but it has the entire unit intact. What I need to know is, where the sam hill is the amp located in the Wagon???

    If you can answer this question, I can finally migrate my everyday car from AM/FM/Cassette to also having a 6-disc changer, without having to pay the bluebook value of the car to get a custom installation! Thanks in advance for any help.

    sbs5cats in K.C.

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    My book says "Radio Antenna Lead in Cable Installation on Sedan Shown, Station Wagon Similar"
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    ha ha ....ya Thanks FORD!

    it should be near by...maybe closer to the front of the wheel well tho.

    i'll bet they didn't want to get the bigger cable made longer...they probly cheaped out with a longer antenna cable to reach arround the "hump"

    thats for for ya...they give you the reach arround till you buy it....then its all hump.
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