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Thread: FAQ: RELAYS; how they work and how to wire it up...

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    Instead of hooking up to the ACC or IGN line, could I hook up to the 12v direct battery line? That way I can keep the PC on, but still use a kill switch as OPPOSED to the ACC/IGN

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    Quote Originally Posted by az350z View Post
    Instead of hooking up to the ACC or IGN line, could I hook up to the 12v direct battery line? That way I can keep the PC on, but still use a kill switch as OPPOSED to the ACC/IGN

    that would defeat nthe purpose of the relay. the relay turns the 12v [highload] supply on and off with a [low load]

    so say 5v can then turn on the 12v source.

    i think you want an "On/Off" switch to replace the ignition


    -------------[Switch Pos]-------|
    --------[Switch NEG]---------[RELAY] ----------------- POWER OUT [direct from battery to units]
    ---------[BATTERY POS]--------|

    also.... you can use a shutdown controller that basically does this... but: if the computer is powered on, leave the power supply on, until the computer shuts down, then close the power supply off... not sure how thats done, im using a laptop with a pretty decent battery, so i can run my battery perfectly fine :P for turning off the laptop on power loss after say "10 mins" [leaving time to get petrol, or run n get some milk from shop etc]

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    I need some help!

    Hi I'm new to site, I don't have any experiance with relays so I searched and searched and finally ran across this site. Now I'm doing a custom engine swap and it has some realys
    (2 of them) that need to be hooked up, to actually start it. They give the diagram on how to hook it up but no numbers( 30,85,86,87,87a) can somebody please help me it would be greatly appreciated!! I only need info on the boxed portion. sorry it wouldn't let me put the box any other color than gray!!
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    relay on scooter

    hi i am wireing relay on my son scooter the thing is is that the headlights run straight from the altenator so when i wire it all up the lights dont work i am doing this cus the areox lights are **** and wanted to put h3 or h4 on it please help out tell me which relay to use if any can thanks ian

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    hi! this is my first post and i am quite a noob with electronics so i hope you would bear with me. is my wiring possible -

    IGN to 30, 87a (NC) to accessory i.e. DRL
    Tap from Park Light to 85, 86 to ground
    87 (NO) not used.

    if so, will i also need a signal diode from 85 to 86 and how to solder that i.e, between wires or the relay's plugs?

    please advise. thanks!

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    thanks for posting it really helpful dude.I want to learn more and also want to share my knowledge with people like you.I hope so that this forum will help me to increase my knowledge.

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