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Thread: Missing Keystrokes Windows XP

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    Missing Keystrokes Windows XP

    Hi everyone. I have a rather annoying problem as it is stopping me from activating my windows xp. Every time I go to input my activation key I can't use "5" or "1". I'm using a touchscreen liliput monitor and have tried 2 different onscreen keyboards as well as two actual keyboards, one was wired the other wireless with the same problem.

    Odd thing is the keystrokes are only missed on the windows activation screen. I opened notepad and all my keys work fine. Any help would be much appreciated

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    This sounds like a problem with a hacked copy... Are you 100% sure this is a genuine disk? Is the surface of the disk shiny and holographic?

    Also, why are you inputting an activation key? Windows automatically activates online is it not working for some reason? Also, all windows activation boxes allow copy/paste. If you can type it into Notepad, then copy it over into the activation box.

    Honestly, it sounds like you are using a keygen and an activator generator (which is a rather outdated way to crack XP btw...) which is telling you to input a key that your unique system code would not have allowed to be generated. Meaning when you activate by phone, you have to enter that huge alphanumeric string. That is used to generate the activation key. If your string cannot possibly produce a 5 or 1 in the activation key, then it will not allow you to input them.
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    It is genuine its the OEM Cd from my old dell desktop. The disk is orange and its the media center edition. What I can't use my cd key from my old computer to install it on a new computer? And no for some reason I can't copy and paste it into the activation, I may be clicking it wrong or something I'll try it again.

    One thing I should have mentioned is that I had to reinstall windows from scratch again b/c it got a virus and a whole bunch of files got corrupted. I'll install Norton to double check that the virus is gone .

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    The issue isn't that keys are getting missed.

    The windows activation code follows a pattern. I don't know what the exact pattern is, but for example.

    Say the first section is HK99Y, that may limit the second section to having no 5's in it. It basically saves you from entering a totally incorrect product key.

    The product key you're using is invalid. Simple as that. Where are you getting the key from? There are several different places on the computer where numbers that look like product keys are listed.
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