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Thread: HOW TO: Get sound from PC to Car Stereo / Amp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiroe
    Another question I have relates to FM tuner cards. I've searched these forums throughout and it seems, aside from Seth's project, there are few cards that can tune FM radio, and they are all either not tailored specifically for it, or just altogether crappy.

    My idea is to have a some sort of tuner card completely replace the HU so I can access everything through the touchscreen monitor (including radio and station presets).

    How would a tuner card fit in to your drawings (if there is even an adequate one available) and how would that wire into the speakers? (I'm not at all a car audio expert)
    I used to have a FM tuner card in my PC @ home and it wasn't too bad. I don't know exactly what others have been using inside their cars.

    I am currently using MediaCar as my CarPC app. It has a front end to interface with some FM tuner software. It can be controlled all through touch screen once setup.

    A tuner card would plug into the line-in/aux line on your sound card. I most cases this is done with a 1/8" stereo cable. Depends on your sound card and tuner card manufacture. I know my Santa Cruz [sound card] has a aux-in line internally. So I can use a CD-ROM audio cable inside my PC to connect the two.

    Once you get all the parts it will be much easier to see how everything plugs in. When all else fails RTFM!

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    Awesome! So at least I know it will work. Thanks. I didn't know that the tuner card would plug into the line-in on the soundcard, but now that you've explained it, it makes sense.

    Me thinks you're right; I'll have to order the parts soon so I can see exactly what problems I'll run into instead of shooting in the dark.
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    Since this is now a sticky, you must maintain it. Please fix any errors and make any needed additions to your post. (If there are any, I'm not going to go back and read
    it again.)

    And ya'll can thank hijinks for the sticky.
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    I have a 4 channel amp and a headunite with 3 sets of rca outputs.
    It also has a disc changer control input that i do not use.
    I was wondering if I am using a computer to play cds/dvd/etc.. will the sound quality be the same as a good headunite?
    Like for my headunite all three rca's give out 4volts and 8volts if in balanced line. How many volts is a computer going to output?
    Also If I want to use my headunite for radio and cd's still you said there is a input on soundcard that goes directly out then what happens when i want to use a dvd do i have to switch the rca's on my amp from headunite to computer???

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    Found this for my stock radio in my 2000 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport. It has details for using the 13 pin cd changer socket as an aux input. I'll be trying this out shortly.

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    Hello (sorry for my english, I'm spanish) !

    I have a problem with the sound in my carPC. I have an Alpine 7894RB and I bought and adapter for connect "AUX IN", next I bought a jack 3,5 - 2 RCA conector. The physical connects are OK.

    The problem is:

    When I'm listening music in my car by FM or CD source that's ok, but when I select de AUX-IN source I only can hear the music, video .... by one side of the car.

    The balance control in CarPC it's Ok, in the Alpine the same.

    Could you help me ??

    Thanks a lot


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    One more thing ! ... in the side that the music listen the sound is good and clearly, but in the other side I only can hear noise.


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    Roller, to troubleshoot, try reversing the RCAs and see if the problem switches sides. If the noise stays on the same side of the car, I could think it is the AUX IN adapter. If the problem changes side (speakers) then the problem is not the AUX IN and it may be the 3.5mm>RCA adapter. My first suggestions.

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    Thanks d sellers1. When I had the problem I put other RCA-3,5 jack cable, and this cable it's OK. Today I'll try reversing the RCAs.



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    ppgt94 trying to PM you but your box is full

    Im going to be doing pretty much the same install you did. Was wondering about your speakers setup. If im correct you arent using the HU anywehre. When hooking up amp, to sound card, did you have to rewire any speakers or anything?

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