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Thread: FAQ: Connecting your Car PC's Power and Speakers

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    Thanks for mentioning the phase aspect of this topic And you are very right.Get these two reversed and you'll get bass that sounds like dropping rocks into a bucket. Meanwhile I'm waiting for my 4 MMATS Class D 2900.05 bricks and Juggernaut 12's to arrive for this Subaru I'm supposed to work on. Any ideas would be considered and appreciated. And I need to apologize for my mistake with trying to post that pic that way.Check out the pics i uploaded and you'll see what i did.Only thing i couldn't show was the 3rd tweeter because it's behind the center speaker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2k1Toaster View Post
    Your desktop isnt a server.

    Use imageshack or something. Or just upload it as a pic

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