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Thread: FAQ:About OBD-II

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimoire
    So Ive noticed alot of these readers are for 1996-2002, is there something that changed for 2003? I have a 2003 and I would like to get one of these Would it work? The site doesnt say. Ive googled for an answer, but to no avail. Is that what the CAN is that it wont support?
    Hey Grimoire,
    I'm pretty darn sure it would work for an '03. The OBDII protocol for Ford's OBDII port is PWN, and I can't imagine them changing it in 03'

    I ordered the $55 version and had to spend about $25 to purchase additional electronic parts to solder onto the board and a project box to put it in. Also, I'm a little upset the OBDII connector did not come with the hood to cover the the wires. If I were to do it again, I'd just but the assembled product for $96

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    I'd like to also add ProScan as a hardware/software for OBD-II. Connects to a Serial port though so you'd have to get a Serial to USB converter if your system isn't equiped with a serial port which most are not nowadays.

    Info is here:
    -David IQ

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    Also worth noting:
    Just because you have OBDI, doesnt mean you can't build an interface cable. In fact, OBDI cables are much easier to make then the OBDII varieties.

    Here are some sites to get you started:

    With OBDI, you cannot modify the way the engine runs without buying a chip emulator from moates.. This emulator adds the reflash capapbility to the older ECM's, which use UV eraseable PROM chips instead of flash chips.
    However, for 15 dollars at radio shack, you can build a cable that will allow you to pull your error codes, see all sensor data, and observe the general operation of your engine.
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    I have a Chery Tiggo, and of course, the original sound gear is a crap and i want to replace it. Then the dealer told me not to do so because i can damage the "Computer" (refering to the OBD II systems) so the car will start misbehaving (just because they tried to install something once and got this result). Is that really true or they just don't know how to install car audio?

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    So then what type of software could you use to continually monitor your vehicles stats? I have the Proscan cable and software but it seems a bit buggy. I would like to integrate it into my font end app but not sure where to begin

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    Hi i am building my firs Car PC and i am interested how can i connect my PC to OBD !?? i want to connect it to centrafuse !

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