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Thread: How to rip your car apart.

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    I have a Bentley's for my car and it is quite detailed in how to take the car apart, do different maintenance procedures and such. Much better than some of the other manuals out there. It's the one that is recommended by VW for purchase.

    If you can, make sure you get a good look inside to see how it's done. Or order the books from the manufacturer.
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    Where would one find the recommended books for my Toyota? What do you google for ?
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    Ebay Motors is a good place to start.

    Parts&Accessories -> Manuals&Literature -> Car&Truck -> Toyota

    Look for "Repair Manual" or "factory repair manual"

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    I went onto and had no problems. I guess the site is back online.

    I found a very comprehensive guide for my altima, but it was only for installing a new radio, not for new speakers.

    Great find though

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    Haynes _where_ the best, as it used to say on the back, ''every manual based on a complete stripdown'' etc, and they did, I have some old haynes manuals, every nut bolt and washer is removed, lots of pictures, hundreds of pages.

    New haynes are referred to in the trade as 'the comic', every manual based on the words 'refer to dealer'

    Thing is I cant understand why, it only takes a week tops to pull a car apart properly if you have 5 or 6 working on it.
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    I just checked out the site with no problems. Thanks for the link.

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    I've tried to find a manual to help me take apart an 05 camry
    Haynes and chilton dont seem to make a manual. Any help would be appreciated.

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