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    113 18.68%
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  • $1250-$1500

    68 11.24%
  • $1500 or more

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Thread: FAQ Poll: How much did your car PC cost?

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    Well its cost me so far about 800 including the screen (lilli) i dont have a dvd burner, gps, xm radio, or am/fm radio yet, so i think it'll be more closer to 1300 by the time im done, its well worth it though.

    I think the more RIGHT you do it, the more its gonna cost. I'd rather pay more for a tits setup.

    oh and yes, this site is awesome, definitely would have cost alot more if it wasnt for the wealth of knowledge this site has to offer, leave all the trial and error to someone else.. That'll save you money. This website has enabled me to build my carputer the first time, right.

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    i totalled everything almost 1500, not including those times i had to rewire all the stuff and my ts burn out...
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    Have M10000, 40gb 2.5"hdd, i guidance, wireless,slim slot drive, delorme gps, roadrunner, liliput touchscreen, opus150w ...
    all fabrication done...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafster
    If you're gonna pay more than $1500 for a system, why not just get something like a Pioneer Avic-D1 or N2?

    I figure for mine, ~$700 including the screen I still don't have!!!


    um.... because a computer can do more?

    plus, i already have one of these:

    carputer - done.

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    I bought a $1200 screen that wasn't compatible with my system so I was in the hole right from the start. I'm a perfect example of why you should .
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    over 1500+ including new amp, front components, rears and tools and such but well worth it so far!

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    Voted $1000-1250. Spent $300 on a Lilliput 8" that now has a defective TS. I just bought a SP-716 motorized indash to replace it. I haven't even put the system in the car yet but its running fine on the bench... Soon...

    It's probably not really this much but I'm also counting the subs and amps also. Not quite sure of an exact cost just yet.

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    Just thought I'd add to the thread since after being asked numerous times about cost I finally threw together a quick tally. The prices are mostly from memory and they are what I paid at-the-time. All parts were *not* acquired all at once, it's a constant changing and growing process.

    This is from my most recent carputer project;

    Just off the top of my head. These prices are what I remember paying. I'm sure current prices are different.

    * IBM Netvista A40p - $45, ebay (local pick-up)

    * 60GB HDD - $80

    * 7" Widescreen VGA LCD Touchscreen - $450

    * 150w Opus DC-DC ATX power supply with startup/shutdown controller - $130

    * TurtleBeach Santa Cruz soundcard - Salvaged from a another PC. (Retail $45)

    * USB 2.0 PCI card - Salvaged (Retail $25)

    * USB 2.0 Powered Hub - $20

    * GPS Reciever - $85

    * Wifi card + 5.5dB external antenna - $70

    * Gyro Wireless Keyboard/Mouse - $90

    * Cables, Wiring, Adapters, Switches - $175

    * Software - $200

    * Labor - Lots of time.

    * Set of new component speakers - $300

    * 4-Channel amp - $180 (used, local)

    * 2- Channal amp + 10" sub - $250 (used, local)

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    Mines cost £877.60 GBP so far, roughly $1,620.
    I'm going to see about getting it installed in the car today at a shop cos I'm not confident with the electrical stuff.
    Plus I think I might have to get an amp to get the audio from the PC to my speakers as my current head unit doesn't have any aux-in ports, so it's gonna cost me a bit more yet.
    Still, so far it's cheaper than ready made units with less powerful componants in that I've seen in online shop catalogues
    Getting back into the game...

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    I'll break it down, since there can be so much variation and I'm not finished with my sound system yet. The PC itself was $300, the LCD $300, the component speakers (2) $130, the amp for them $100 (both gently used, 50% less than retail ), all the wiring $50, and fabrication $100.

    I still want to add GPS to the PC and a pair of subs w/amp.

    I voted $500-750, leaving out the cost of speakers and amps since I'd have bought them even if I didn't have a carPC.
    {Xenarc 700TSV} {Celeron M 1.3 ghz} {ASUS mATX mobo w/CT479} {MX440 128mb AGP} {1x512mb RAM} {3.5" Seagate 40gb (rated at 350 G's)} {M1-ATX}


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    there are 2 systems i like, ones AMD ones Intel(these are all the full retail prices, since ebay and other places fluctuate alot more):

    AMD System
    AMD Athalon X2 3800+ SFF 35 watt $210
    ASUS M2NPV-VM $ 85
    CORSAIR XMS2 2GB $177
    M2-ATX 160W $90

    Total cost $562

    Intel Core Duo T2500 $320
    Commell LV677DC $315
    CORSAIR XMS2 2GB $177
    Carnetix P1900 $100

    Total $912

    The Intel would be a custom enclosure that would have the LCD on the front and be mounted in-dash and be removeable. The AMD would have a slide-out LCD and the PC would be mounted in the trunk at first, and be moved to the front area once i mod'ed my dash to accept it lol.

    The reason no lcd or case is listed, is because both have the same cost for LCD (about $500 or so) and the case would be about $50 or so (to make or buy). HD i have old laptop HD's i can use so thats $0 of course lol.

    all added up the AMD system would cost $1200 max, and be the cost effective method. Intel would be more elegant and be a cleaner install, but cost more at $1800 max. The Intel system would also have a graphics card that i could use for a more mobile pc, and could plug in when im gonna run off AC wall outlets and be removed for the car (i didnt factor that into the specs up top due to me not being sure what card i would use, either 7300 gs for lower power and possibility of using it in the car also, or something more like the 7600gt for more power and no car use).

    I like the intel idea more (since its slide in and out, lcds on the front of the case so have an all in one system with ac adapters and bricks), but would prolly end up with the AMD solution.

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