View Poll Results: How much did your Car PC installation cost?

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  • $500 or less

    121 20.00%
  • $500-$750

    85 14.05%
  • $750-$1000

    113 18.68%
  • $1000-$1250

    103 17.02%
  • $1250-$1500

    68 11.24%
  • $1500 or more

    115 19.01%
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Thread: FAQ Poll: How much did your car PC cost?

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    ^^^ mind giving me the name of the seller? I wanna get one of those for my car t00 ;]]]] the dc7700s and even 7600s are still a little too pricey for me.

    thanks for the info.

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    My Setup:

    Cost so far: Less than a grand ;]

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    I used a older HP E-Vectra i got off ebay for 35 shipped w/ power cord, a lilliput 7" touchscreen i got for 135 and just got a obd II usb reader from

    This is going to be nice... when its all installed

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    I clicked $500-$750 because that's what I will have spent when I'm "finished". Currently I have a perfectly functional system for under $500. But I still need to add Bluetooth, FM radio, and Satelite... Thinking about OBD II as well, but haven't decided. Probably end up gettin' a Fusion Brain in the future...


    (If listed as $0, it means I already had it laying around)

    MOBO $ 57.56
    Screen $163
    1 GB RAM $ 0
    XP 3000+ CPU $ 0
    M2-ATX PSU $ 79.65
    GPS interface Cable $ 23.76
    IDE Cable $ 6.44
    250 GB HDD $ 0
    Webcam $ 0

    Hardware= $330.41

    Windows $ 97.98

    Software= 97.98

    Total= $428.39
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    since mine took months and months of searching for all the parts at a good price and ebay, i spent maybe 800. its less than a grand so far. but a project like this is never finished so its going to constantly increase.

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    i am building my first car pc with my 10 years old PC in my warehouse. installed win98 and winamp, the costly part is only the screen. i plan not to use a touch screen cos its expensive. cheapest no name 7" LCD with 1 VGA input, 2 video inputs is about US$100. Thats the one I need to buy plus some extension cables for USB, VGA, PS/2...

    believe it or not?

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    E-PC - free from office

    19v 3.5a laptop charger - £9 inc deliv

    Trackball Mouse - £12 inc deliv

    Screen - non touch jobby - Ebay £17+£8 deliv

    GPS receiver - won today a mighty £6

    usb slot load CD drive - £25

    USB radio $20

    hard drive, RAM upgrade, few electornic mods etc - Free

    install materials, so far £Free

    without counting that its under £100 surely ($200)

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    all you guys who spent 1,000 are nuts.

    I have a fantastic system for way, way less than that.

    the intel mini ITX is only 80 bucks with processor. usb gps 55.00, hardrive 90 bucks, touchsreen lcd 230 with a 3 year warranty. memory was 50 bucks. cables, wires, power supply all around 130 bucks.

    you don't need an amp if you jus buy an inline FM modulator. 32 bucks.

    what is making them cost so much for you guys? are you buying 300 dollar amps?

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    Counting everything?

    Bits, pieces, supplies, computer stuff, audio stuff, cables, etc......

    Somewhere around 2 grand.....................
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    ive counted my stereo install seperate as it was there before the install and isnt essential to the system.

    if i were to count 'everything', i.e everything ive thrown into the dash, the dials, wiring kit, 8track, potentiometers, speakers, amps, the whole shebam. id be thinking aroun the £300 mark. $600 dollars. thats for 2.1 sound, alpine speakers / JBL amp / pioneer sub etc.

    i can see how it easily reaches into those figures, but i cant understand why youd pay big bucks to do it.

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