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Thread: The Ultimate Noob Spoonfed Walkthrough

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    Quote Originally Posted by FusionFanatic View Post
    was this the article?

    (I searched for "carputer" on that website, that was the only result)...
    I'm working off of memory, but I'm all but 100% sure that's it.

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    That link worked fine for, this thread is old. haha Just realized the last post date.

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    Sorry to bump an old thread..
    I don't seem to be able to see anything there.. is it gone?
    Was hoping for some ideas

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    the original link still works for me. but honestly, most of the info is really, really outdated. when they talk about using inverters for power needs over 150 watts, and via boards as almost the only mini-itx boards available, it is really old..

    in a nutshell-each line per page:

    there are power supplies that now surpass the 150w mark
    atom boards, and the new amd zacate processor have overtaken the Via processors
    solid state drives are quickly becoming common place
    xp is a little outdated--many now running win 7
    lilliput/zenarc are still popular monitor companies
    frodoplayer is ooooold, ride runner, centrafuse, and open mobile are the newest/most common FE's

    those are the primary differences, but overall, the article is just dated, so i wouldn't normally recommend it to new members, as it might just end up confusing them..

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    Weird that it's showing for you.. i just get the website page but nothing coming up apart from the generic stuff for that site..
    yeah i think i have some of it sorted..but was hoping that the general concepts would be the same.. just replace old for new tech etc..

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