View Poll Results: What is the best GPS Receiver?

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  • BU-303

    23 8.27%
  • BU-353/355

    139 50.00%
  • Holux GR-213

    37 13.31%
  • Holux GR-212

    8 2.88%
  • Royaltek Sapphire

    1 0.36%
  • Garmin unit (post your model!)

    18 6.47%
  • Ublox unit (post your setup!)

    2 0.72%
  • Bluetooth unit (post your model!)

    9 3.24%
  • OEM unit (post your setup!)

    12 4.32%
  • Other (post your setup!)

    37 13.31%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: FAQ POLL: What is the best GPS Receiver?

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    I have n iBlue 737 bluetooth GPS receiver. It is amazing. I was using the unit sold by Belkin before, but that unit had issues pairing with my bluetooth and it would sometimes require a system reboot to get it to work. This has been pretty flawless so far. Once it locks onto satellites, it sticks to it even under crappy conditions.

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    i have the delorme unit... but you don't have it under the vote... sad, its a really good unit, i've been using it for the past two years, and its now on my second setup .. still working great. and i just dump that thing into my glove compartment with my carputer under my seat. it have great reception even in my glovebox under the airbag module.
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    I have had the now discontinued Garmin GPS 35 since I started this journey...roughly 1998.

    All in one unit, weatherproof...but I have mine mounted inside. Quick locating, maintains signal except in the worst conditions (tunnel).

    Mandatory NEMA output via Serial cord...about 10' long...can take input voltage from 6 to 40 volts.

    A rock solid unit.

    Too bad you can only find them on ebay...if you are lucky.

    I guess they also have USB models now...

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    I bought a No name one off ebay that supposed has the MTK chipset which they are claiming to be better than SiRF III -- we shall see about that. It should arrive next week I will post up with some reults.
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    Mark I eyeball and a map. It always works and does not depend on Sat locks.
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    I have 2 Garmin GPS USB 18.

    I am very happy with the accuracy, and the maps are very good that come with the gps. I hate how the gps and the maps are locked so they only work together. Maybe if these companies would spend a little less worrying about pirates, they could make the product cheaper. For a little over a hundred bucks for the unit with maps, the price cannot be beat.
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    Unhappy A question

    what does BU-353/355 stand for ?

    thanks you

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    it is the model number of the GPS receiver
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    Quote Originally Posted by meddler View Post
    it is the model number of the GPS receiver
    thank you ! i know that but what is its name ?

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    It is the model number for the GlobalSat series of GPS recievers. You can check out more about the product by going here --

    My question for owners of the system: What map software are you using with the GlobalSat BU-353?

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