View Poll Results: What is the best GPS Receiver?

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  • BU-303

    23 8.27%
  • BU-353/355

    139 50.00%
  • Holux GR-213

    37 13.31%
  • Holux GR-212

    8 2.88%
  • Royaltek Sapphire

    1 0.36%
  • Garmin unit (post your model!)

    18 6.47%
  • Ublox unit (post your setup!)

    2 0.72%
  • Bluetooth unit (post your model!)

    9 3.24%
  • OEM unit (post your setup!)

    12 4.32%
  • Other (post your setup!)

    37 13.31%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: FAQ POLL: What is the best GPS Receiver?

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    Eightnine - I'd recomend taking a stroll through the GPS forum its self. You'll find that people use whatever software they want with any reciever they want. They are all compatable with one another.
    Jan Bennett
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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    1/2off. My for-poll answer - tyco dead reconing gps chipset, inside their `development kit`. It works better in tunnels, underground parkings, between high building. Each stopping I'm surprised with no-drifting gps-cursor in the software. There is something to compare. My old BU-353 died this december. That was 3rd russian winter of its onroof lifetime. Unfortunately it knows everything, 3cm of pure ice, 15cm of heavy snow, each winter there were -30C and less, carwashing, dirth etc.

    <--Some photos are in `my photos`

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