View Poll Results: What is your favorite GPS software?

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  • MS Streets & Trips/MapPoint (Post version!)

    67 18.16%
  • iGuidance

    173 46.88%
  • CoPilot Live

    15 4.07%
  • Destinator/MapMonkey/FreeDrive

    60 16.26%
  • Michelin Mapstore

    2 0.54%
  • Ozi Explorer

    8 2.17%
  • TomTom (via PocketPC Emulator)

    21 5.69%
  • Google Earth-based (GooPS, CommTest2, etc.)

    14 3.79%
  • Routis

    4 1.08%
  • Other (post your setup!)

    34 9.21%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: FAQ: What is the best GPS software?

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    FAQ: What is the best GPS software?

    This poll is another popularity poll for newbies to see what GPS software options are out there.

    I like iGuidance and MapPoint2006 as it's integrated into StreetDeck.

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    i prefer D3 clients. ie Map monkey and Freedrive
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    Microsoft streets and trips 2006,

    I used it when we where lost in DFW and it saved me alot of time, somehow we missed our exit, and went for a 30min joy ride lol, but all i had to do was enter where i want to go and set it as the end, and the gps would find me and reroute us, we should have been using it before OOPs

    I also used it to find the nearest jack in the box works damm well

    updatable road work roads nice feature

    Customizable trip planning and maps

    Plan stops, scenic detours, and fuel stops as well as add multiple destinations and quickly alter your route.

    More than 1.8 million points of interest

    Quickly find restaurants, ATMs, hotels, and other points of interest without having to be online.

    Plan trips and calculate mileage, time, and expenses

    Includes more than 5.9 million miles of routable roads and highways throughout the United States and Canada.

    Get accurate, detailed, door-to-door directions

    Enjoy the comfort of knowing that the going is clear and easy every step of the way.

    Updated maps for the United States and Canada

    Get all new maps of more than 5.9 million miles of routable roads and highways

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    I have used iGuidance 2.1.2 and Streets and Trips 2006, I much more prefer Streets and Trips 2006
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    i use autoroute europe 2005 (basicly mappoint)
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    I love mappoint, specially with the night mode. It's just a well populated map.

    I still use MM & FD for destinator maps with rotation. And to double check directions against Mappoint.

    I have TomTom on my PocketPC and it is incredible. Really cool.. Just don't think it's suitable for PC use with the emulator. But I'd pay some $$$ to get it on the PC if made available as a native windows application.
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    MS Streets & Trips 2006 for me. I haven't tried any other GPS software yet, but I've been satisfied with the results this one give. It even tells you the speed you're going too! :rofl
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    I prefer iGuidance because it provides both PC and pocket PC applications. it was a BIRTCH trying to get TOMTOM to use my bluetooth, and I can at least TELL iGuidance what port it is connected on.

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    using Delorme Street Atlas USA 2006

    Find it works great on a car pc setup as it has voice commands ( meaning you can talk to it ) as well as decent-sized buttons for a car monitor.

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