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Thread: FAQ: Reasons for not installing anything underneath the seats.

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    My 4x4 came with the factory-installed CD autochanger mounted under the driver's seat. I was planning on ripping it out and putting the carputer there instead. I'll have to take a closer look to see what kind of protection it has.

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    Snow, ice, and rain also.

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    I do a lot of river crossings in my 4x4 and anything under the seats is likely to be flooded! Roof install for me on a custom tray that goes from the rear view mirror mount to the room light mount..

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    I believe my car is an exception. But please prove me wrong.

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    Unfortunately, my pickup does not have a trunk. The sub is under the rear seat.

    So therefore the two amps, and computer go under the two front seats, and center seat respectivly...grounded to the large bolts that hold the seats in place.

    The amps have been there since 1995 (truck was built fall of 95). The computer only since last year.

    But to be fair...I hope to mount a new replace the others ON/IN the Sub box.

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    Well for my chevy s10. There is no other place to put a computer with out heavy modding. I have no back seats so no one will be kicking the system. Plus the seat is as far back as it will go since i have a speaker box behind me. So its not moving anywhere. Ive had an amp under the seat since 98. The carputer comes and goes I will probably end up putting it under the seat just like the amp. no place else to put it.
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    I don't agree with this FAQ either. Even though a lot of modern vehicles don't have a lot of room under the seat, its not that bad of a spot.
    There is usually a factory ground for such things as factory power and heated seats or the seat belt sensors that make a perfectly fine ground. A lot of times there are factory electronics there from cd changers to air bag controllers. I actually can't fit much under my seat because the air bag controller takes up most of the available space.

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    While I agree with the faq, for the most part. I disagree with one aspect. Not all car seats move :-P

    Ok, maybe 99.9% of stock seats do, but a variety of aftermarket don't, esp if you remove the slider bar.

    That said, I have mine mounted behind the seat :-)

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    It cost one of my installers $800 bucks to replace an EVAP line. Gas tank had to come out etc. They drilled into it while installing my JL500 sub amp under the passenger seat of my 350Z.

    I think it's pretty much just laying there now...

    It's a bad sign when you pick up your car from the stereo shop and the check engine light comes on as you pull out of the parking lot. Kinda kills the buzz.

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    a custom plexi case will fix water issues with good bonds and seals, and good fan filters will solve dust/dirt problems. its pretty easy to wire a good ground under there if you cant find/modify a suitable bolt.
    if you have a car like mine i never let anyone sit behind me unless its an emergency.
    with a custom case you can make it more than small enough to eliminate space issues. even with just a micro-atx mine is only 2.1in tall.
    also if you have a car like mine you dont let anyone sit behind you unless its an emergency.
    under the seats ftw.

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