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Thread: FAQ: Determining proper gauge wire/fuse size/battery size/alternator size

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    FAQ: Proper Cable and Power Wire Sizes

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    Thanks to 3g, we have a link to a very frequently asked question: "What is the proper gauge for the power wires for my PC installation?"

    Of course, this is dependent upon your installation. How much power does it draw and how far are you running the cables? The link above provides a handy reference for using the proper gauge of wiring.

    Why is it important to have the proper wire size? I mean, after all, aren't we just talking about 12 volts here? We are. We're also talking about your car catching on fire from an electrical overload if you use wires that aren't sized for the load.

    Say that with me again: F-I-R-E. In your C-A-R.

    I've said it in previous postings on installing a PC in your car, but it bears repeating again; the supply of power to your PC is the most critical portion of your installation. Improper cabling, grounding, or power supply will at best cause your PC to crash unpredictably and at worst cause a fire.

    You have been warned. Thanks 3g! Thread title changed to FAQ format and added to the FAQ to the FAQ's.
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    mmm may i add that always make sure you have the proper fuse right after your battery for maximum saftey if you running wires into the interior of your car, under carpet and such.

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    FAQ: Determining proper gauge wire/fuse size/battery size/alternator size

    This has proven to be very helpful for some individuals, just thought I would start a new thread with the hopes that it could be stickied for quick and easy reference.
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    Actually, moving it to the FAQ Emporium is an even better solution.
    Excellent find...
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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